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Jonathan Blackwell, MA, MBA leads Linebrand Global Academic after working with eLearning and Academic Partnerships at Texas Tech University. While serving as Program Manager in Technology Support, Blackwell oversaw the creation of a tutoring platform to exceed market expectations. With a focus on intrinsic motivation and connecting with students, Linebrand Global Academic builds on student’s motivations for desired results. One-on-one sessions take place using cutting-edge technology with an air of fun added to a productive return on investment for all ages.

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Tutoring High School, College, & Grad School students

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Advanced High School tutoring

For students in and approaching High School, Linebrand Global Academic provides standardized test preparation and support in all courses including English and Writing, as well as STEM courses like Chemistry and Physics in the Sciences. Technology courses like website design and basic computer programming, and introductory engineering courses like electronics, specifically in the application of renewable energy. High school math is a specialty of Linebrand Global Academic, where PSAT and SAT preparation in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry continues at higher levels for GRE and GMAT quantitative aptitude.

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College Business Tutoring

For students in a college of business, Linebrand Global Academic brings a creative approach, built from experience in Design Management with Ensemble Consulting Group in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  Our Managing Director, Professor Jonathan Blackwell, graduated from Duke University in 2001 and from the Australian School of Business in 2010, specializing in the creative consultative approach practiced by PwC Australia.  For more information on the approach to problem-solving in this style of global business best practice, visit, where Professor Blackwell served as a Knowledge Worker while launching

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College of Media Tutoring

After starting on the PhD track in Entrepreneurship at the Rawls College of Business in 2017, Professor Blackwell transferred to join the entrepreneurial faculty of the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University where he taught courses in Business & Professional Speaking and Adobe Creative Cloud while working as a Graduate Assistant in eLearning & Academic Partnerships at Eventually employed by Operations & Compliance at Program Manager of Technology Support, Professor Blackwell started Linebrand Global Academic Tutoring while completing his second master’s degree, a Master of Arts from the College of Media & Communication. Linebrand applies Adobe Creative Cloud in the colleges across campus from Business to Media, Communication, and the Arts. Linebrand’s background in management consulting, training Accenture consultant in Adobe software, proves our excellence in teaching students creative tools to achieve business outcomes.

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Grad School Tutoring

Graduate students are under a great deal of pressure to deliver on their academic projects while working to support their academic career path. Linebrand Global Academic can provide structure to manage a heavy graduate course load using our project management system, Freedcamp. By loading all course syllabi in one academic project, students can manage one semester at a time with orchestrated precision, avoiding turning assignments in late or finding any surprises in a forgotten due date in some other professor’s eccentrically assembled syllabus. Linebrand can help grad students manage their academic work while juggling a full-time role within their university or as a working professional. All disciplines are welcome, as the system of project management translates across curricula.

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PhD Research Tutoring

With PhD coursework in the College of Business, College of Media & Communication, College of Education, and College of the Arts & Sciences with Technical Communication & Rhetoric in the Department of English at Texas Tech, Professor Blackwell has mastered a research program that consists of using University library resources and serves as an advisor with lifetime access to Chegg services, improving their digital product Inspired by the rigorous digitization of research articles and textbooks through and, Professor Blackwell’s approach employs Mendeley as a searchable library with Adobe Acrobat Professional to recognize text and allow digital highlights as a mnemonic device to improve neurological pathways and improve memory.