Texas Tech eLearning Project

Jonathan Blackwell, MA, MBA

Selected Documentation Project Topic

The topic for this documentation project is the work I’ve been assigned as a Graduate Assistant in the TTU K-12 Worldwide eLearning & Academic Partnership team. With the largest migration of course content in the history of TTU Worldwide eLearning’s K-12 curriculum, numerous course descriptions required updating in tandem with updates to the course pages where enrollments and payments are processed.

As a result, support websites were created to publish the updated content as a staging area to received content updates from other teams. In an iterative process, the old content was gradually replaced with new content as the new shells became available and new updates were delivered.

Brief Biography with Email Contact Information

My role in the project has been composing website content in Adobe Dreamweaver using basic HTML and CSS standards established by James Edward Day, M.S., currently the Director of Technology Support/IT Liaison for TTU eLearning and Academic Partnerships.

In this project I help Mr. Day to assist the Senior Director of Operations with identifying, monitoring, and streamlining day to day processes and coordinating with other departments, particularly marketing and TTU eLearning course designers in this instance.

More on my biography can be found on my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanblackwellmba/

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The process started by taking an existing HTML output file from the last updated course listings website. After this page was updated with APA source formatting for textbook information, consistent formatting beyond the function of the CSS, and in some cases replacing CSS elements, I was submitted for review.

While this review was taking place, links for the “add to cart” function were inserted, allowing course registrations, and links to the syllabus for each course were created after new syllabi were uploaded to Mr. Day’s support folder on the eLearning website. After one round of links, another internal update broke the “add to cart” links, which subsequently fixed with along with ongoing revisions.

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